Young Writers Society

As promised, I'm here to go over Young Writers Society! YWS is a community of writers ranging from 13+ who are looking for more detailed help with their writing development. Most of the time the "Young" in YWS is because most of the writers are teens or younger, but it is also meaning "new" writers, … Continue reading Young Writers Society


The Orthodox of Assumption

Going through college I was exposed to several classes that had the singular goal of introducing me to multicultural experiences. It was built into the schools requirements as part of our basic core classes. I thoroughly enjoyed these classes. Not only did they give me a chance to see different perspectives, but they allowed me … Continue reading The Orthodox of Assumption

Read Promiscuously

Milton once said without reading the bad, and ascertaining what is bad about it, we cannot truly know the good. I'm paraphrasing because he uses 4 thousand words in Areopagitica, to make his point. I bring this up because I am an amateur writer. What this means to me is we should read everything because … Continue reading Read Promiscuously

World Building Tools

As an author of Quirni and an English Major, I have found that world creation is one of the major aspects of writing a novel. Editing has a large sway on how the novel will turn out, but making sure you have a good foundation is important. The most helpful thing for our world creation … Continue reading World Building Tools