Is There Anything Good to Eat?

Only a few of the characters in the "Quirni" series have lived on all three planets in the system. Erica lived on Sirrus until she was eight. She lived on Marril until her mid-twenties, and then she moved to Quirni. She was never lovingly housed and protected from harm no matter which world. Instead she … Continue reading Is There Anything Good to Eat?


Quirni is Complete

To readers who have enjoyed Quirni on Fiction Press, the series is complete but I will post short stories. I want to reveal what Eljay showed Ella and Marcus when she convinced them to not harm Jack and Kel. I want to show some of the earlier stories about Matilda and her family and how … Continue reading Quirni is Complete

Erica Kinsley

Erica Kinsley- She is the Marrilian. She was born Lynn Jillian Kinsley on Sirrus to Samuel and Kate. She is the sibling to Margot, Ethan, Cedric, Saul, Tori and Chase (deceased), and Grace. Samuel takes Erica with him when he travels.  Kate allows him to take her in order to protect the rest of her children … Continue reading Erica Kinsley

The Marrilian: Book One of the Quirni Series

The first book of the Quirni Series is 'The Marrilian'. The main character has a mental   oddity that makes it hard for her to have friends, that is dissociation disorder. The Marrilian is Erica Kinsley. She wants to be close to people but too often she phases out and can't remember simple things; conversations, … Continue reading The Marrilian: Book One of the Quirni Series