Characters of Quirni

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Spoiler Alert

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Oh, and swearing. =D

Main Characters

Erica Kinsley – The main character. Also known as Lynn Jillian Kinsley, Erica Ennis, and Eljay (LJ). She was born on Sirrus, grew up on Marril, and comes to power on Quirni. She has dissociation identity disorder with ENZUS as her other sides, Erica, Noel, Zoe, Unsaid [Lynn], and Sal. She later learns she is the Blessed Lady of Ipet. Her name eventually changes to Eljay Ipet, and stays there.

James Kennedy – The son of John and Jesse Kennedy, James is a captain in the QSDD when Erica first arrives on Quirni. He becomes a major in book 3 and quits to be Erica’s support full time.

Elsbeth McAllister – She is James’ partner in the mission to protect and bring Erica to Matilda on Mois’ claim. She is Erica’s close friend and often is in charge of nursing Erica back to health. She is highly regarded by the Kennedy family, and is often used when Jesse or John need a major to head one of their missions. She is responsible for James’ advancement in the Delegate. She marries Vincent Allison.

Matilda Kinsley – Erica’s cousin and the daughter of Cyril and Renata Kinsley on Quirni. Matilda finds the lost scanning documents that show where all of the ores are on Quirni. The documents reveal Quirni is not as metal poor of a planet as once believed and the documents also show a way to go to the North without climbing the immensely tall mountains. These documents catapult Matilda and Erica into conflicts with the Solar Defense Delegates, family, and most of the tenants on Quirni. Her book is still being written.

Roger Serval – Matilda’s husband. He becomes the Emperor when Matilda takes the throne.

Cyril Kinsley – Patriarch of the Kinsley family. He is the oldest living Kinsley and still remembers the separation of the three parts of the family which is covered in Book 4.

Vincent Allison – Erica’s Foremost Keeper. He originally met her back on Marril when she was in the brothel and helped keep her safe there. He also was a BMC member who protected her assets. He marries Elsbeth McAllister. He quickly raises through the ranks of the Delegate so his knowledge doesn’t exceed his clearance and he’s really smart. He was also in the Tenpole Value’s League, and lost his job as a miner after a bitch (Erica’s brothel matron) poisoned him and hurt his heart.

John Kennedy – James’ father, three star general. He later becomes a four star general, and then a commander over Ipet. He went to Marril to learn about Erica for Jesse’s mission. He is a Keeper. He is also Erica’s Father-In-Law.

Jesse Kennedy – James’ mother, also a three star general. She becomes the commander of the Delegate bodyguard. She is the mission commander for Erica when she comes to Quirni. She hooks her up with Matilda. She later becomes the Foremost Keeper for Linos. She is instrumental in revealing Erica as Eljay and keeping her safe as a keeper before Vincent takes over. She is also Erica’s Mother-In-Law.

Supporting Family

Silas Kinsley – High Claimant of Marril during the book 4. He negotiated with Erica at the creation of The Farming Initiative to get Quirni tractors and farming equipment for thyanaite free food. He is married to Nancy Kinsley. He has two children.

Renata Gray – Known as Lady Gray, she is Cyril’s wife and the mother of his four children, the youngest of whom has died and is never mentioned in the Quirni Series. Simon is the oldest, then Matilda, Sarah, and the youngest was John, usually called Johnny.

Sarah Kinsley – Matilda’s older sister. She gets her hands on some planes and runs transportation. She marries Steven Mioto eventually.

Ethan Kinsley – Erica’s oldest brother. He is the one who Erica remembers best. He is the first one to accept her. He has three children, two boys and a girl.

Cedric Kinsley – Erica’s older brother. He is the most accepting of her family. He is the father of Hugo and Hayes who are the only two nephews she’s allowed to associate with.

Margot Kinsley – Erica’s oldest sister. She helps Renata with Jeda. Margot is a bitch.

Simon Kinsley – Cyril and Ranata’s good for nothing lazy boy who everyone loves dearly. Married to Sophie Burk. When he marries her he becomes Simon Burk.

Samuel Kinsley – Erica’s pedophile stupid ass BLASTED father. Married to Kate Kinsley.

Supporting Claimants

Marcus Mois– The claimant of Mois Claim on Quirni. He is married to Ella Mois and together they are the first claimants on Quirni to see Erica’s potential. She is like a daughter to them. Erica often feels like she needs to live up to Marcus’ standards, and that pressure helps her do better. He is one of her keepers for a while. They are the claimants of Mois Claim.

Greg Mioto – He is Cyril’s lawyer and he becomes the third member of the High Council when Erica is called as the High Claimant. He is a good friend. He is the Claimant of Mioto Claim.

Charles and Patricia Tillson – They are the Claimants of Cobal Claim which has the Cobal Claim Disaster which throws Matilda into hiding in the end. Cyril actually caused the disaster to begin when he tried to blackmail Matilda into sabotage. He never believed the Tillsons wouldn’t test the water quickly enough to prevent over 6 thousand deaths. They later spur Erica into thinking of The Farming Initiative when they admit they’re going to lose their claim.

Bryan Byrne – He is the High Claimant when Erica first lands on Quirni and has been the High Claimant for 20 years. When Matilda gets the scanning documents, Cyril is trying to oust Byrne who is suspected of defaming, fining, and even killing claimants to hold onto his power. Erica takes him out of office by goading him into striking her right before the calling of the High Claimant. She orders charges which makes him ineligible to be the High Claimant. He is the Claimant of Coldwater Claim.

Supporting Delegate

Sophie Burk – She is a Delegate General. She works under Jesse directly in keeping Matilda safe during her 6 years of isolation after the Cobal Claim Disaster. She becomes close friends with Erica and cares about her.  She quickly becomes a two star general.

Darcy Lufkin – the eventual Admiral of the Yttrian fleet, he begins as a four star general on Quirni serving under Commander Powell. His rise to the vaulted position as the First Admiral comes about because Eljay can see the nature of a person. When Vincent gains Eljay’s sight he sees Darcy Lufkin as a thinking man with very controlled passions, a strong loyalty to his rulers, and that he is shy. That explains Darcy’s stiffness and often harsh attitude.

Clair Pearl – She first appears as a four star general on Quirni. She later becomes the Commander of Quirni succeeding Commander Powell. She arrived on Quirni from Marril. While there Silas Kinsley was her High Claimant. Mitchell Derek was her commander and she spent a lot of time trying to identify and apprehend Eljay.

Ashton Powell – He is the commander of Quirni when Erica arrives. He is quite old at that time, well over 140 years. He came to Quirni after a new claimant died on Marril. Powell killed that claimant. She had manipulated deaths of other claimants and had intentions to get rid of the Kinsleys. The MSDD had no proof of her guilt that would hold in court so they turned to assassination rather than let her attack again. They strictly deny killing the claimant but proof of this is what Erica shows to Marcus and Ella in order to convince them to go easy on Kel and Jack. She argues an agent may harm a claimant and be right to do so.

Powell does not take direct control of Erica when she arrives since his health is failing and that would be too much stress. He puts John and Jesse Kennedy in charge of her instead with Desante, Darcy Lufkin and Clair Pearl allowed to observe and give assistance as needed. The other generals don’t like this at first but Powell convinces them Erica Kinsley is of no interest, just a kid from a hellish past. John assigns they Kennedy’s because they, like Powell, believe the Kinsleys are wealthy and powerful for good reason and deserve extra attention and respect for their cautious use of power. The question is, will Erica be the same? They have plans to use her, Desante’s plans, which Powell realizes could go terribly wrong .


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