Young Writers Society

As promised, I'm here to go over Young Writers Society! YWS is a community of writers ranging from 13+ who are looking for more detailed help with their writing development. Most of the time the "Young" in YWS is because most of the writers are teens or younger, but it is also meaning "new" writers, … Continue reading Young Writers Society


History, Eulogy, all Past?

All of this is so true. The more I read your poetry, the more I appreciate poets. Keep it up. I get sick of hearing that we’re making history with this or that, because we’re not making history. History is what people of the future record. People won’t look back in the book of records … Continue reading History, Eulogy, all Past?

The Release of Quirni: Nigh

Nigh is now on Amazon To all of our wonderful followers and those just skimming for books, Nigh is out! Editing Nigh from Enzus on Fiction Press has been an adventure worth taking! The differences are pretty major. During our editing of Nigh we improved the flow of the story, added new chapters, and new content. We … Continue reading The Release of Quirni: Nigh

“By A. Edwards and L. Edwards”

If you've been a fan of Quirni for any length of time, or you've scrolled through this blog, you may have noticed that it didn't always have two author names like it does on Kindle. Over the years, the writing has been mostly finished by Lisa, so when they came out on Lulu, Lisa's name … Continue reading “By A. Edwards and L. Edwards”

Lulu to Fiction Press: Quirni

We first published to Lulu so we could show relatives what Quirni looked like in print, not to sell. We didn't wish to market the books but, at the urging of others, we did want to share. We decided that Lulu just wasn't getting us what we wanted, a wider audience. Fiction Press became the … Continue reading Lulu to Fiction Press: Quirni

Cyril Kinsley

Cyril Kinsley is Erica Kinsley's uncle. He claimed on Quirni in his young twenties after losing his home on Marril. Cyril is married to Renata Gray and although he doesn't often show public affection for her he loves her dearly, as she does him. He likes to buy her jewelry to show his affection publicly. … Continue reading Cyril Kinsley