Is There Anything Good to Eat?

Only a few of the characters in the "Quirni" series have lived on all three planets in the system. Erica lived on Sirrus until she was eight. She lived on Marril until her mid-twenties, and then she moved to Quirni. She was never lovingly housed and protected from harm no matter which world. Instead she … Continue reading Is There Anything Good to Eat?


In Memory of Aberfan

Aberfan is a town in Wales that suffered a horrible accident October 21, 1966. The waste from the mine had been stored as hills. One of those hills slid onto the town. It killed children in the school, teachers, and families in homes. I have used the name Abervan in Quirni in memory of the … Continue reading In Memory of Aberfan

Not a Woke World

Marril has undisguised inequality. Parcles revel in the way they have overcome Tenpole and use the miners to enrich their bank accounts. Those who are not enriched by Tenpole directly, still carry intolerant bias towards the miners. When I first envisioned Tenpole it was with only that in mind because this is a reality miners … Continue reading Not a Woke World


Tenpole is Coventry England...almost Tenpole was fashioned after Coventry in England. I required a place hemmed in by a ring of roadway and full of bustle and squirming streets inside the roads. I started to draw a map of my own then came across the perfect one in real life. I had to add some … Continue reading Tenpole


Aberfan Why I write about 'Abervan' If you search for Aberfan on your computer you will learn about this tragic accident that occurred in Wales. Tragedies in the mines are common. They are in all mining communities whether the mine be in the west, east, wealthy nation, poor nation, it doesn't matter. What happened in Aberfan expresses … Continue reading Aberfan