Fleshing Out an Idea

Every profession has it's quirky personality. In my line of work, the medical field, we learn to laugh at horrible things. We are intrigued by weird diseases. New doctors either think they have contracted a terrible disease every other day or they poo-poo the worst set of symptoms, as if nothing will ever go wrong. … Continue reading Fleshing Out an Idea


What is it About?

Many people ask this question, "What is it about?" The first answer, Quirni is about Erica, about her family ties, her excellence, her journey into a new life as an ex-convict on the run, basically. It's about her healing process, her development as a person, and her discovery of her inner fears and broken mind … Continue reading What is it About?

The Orthodox of Assumption

Going through college I was exposed to several classes that had the singular goal of introducing me to multicultural experiences. It was built into the schools requirements as part of our basic core classes. I thoroughly enjoyed these classes. Not only did they give me a chance to see different perspectives, but they allowed me … Continue reading The Orthodox of Assumption

The BMC Syndicate

Warning: the following contains spoilers about the Quirni Series. One of the big parts of Erica's past is a group that she created, the BMC. It travels with her through all of the books after the reveal in the third book, Clamant Kinsley. The BMC is a group with members from all over the planet Marril. … Continue reading The BMC Syndicate

The Release of Quirni: Nigh

Nigh is now on Amazon To all of our wonderful followers and those just skimming for books, Nigh is out! Editing Nigh from Enzus on Fiction Press has been an adventure worth taking! The differences are pretty major. During our editing of Nigh we improved the flow of the story, added new chapters, and new content. We … Continue reading The Release of Quirni: Nigh

Cyril Kinsley

Cyril Kinsley is Erica Kinsley's uncle. He claimed on Quirni in his young twenties after losing his home on Marril. Cyril is married to Renata Gray and although he doesn't often show public affection for her he loves her dearly, as she does him. He likes to buy her jewelry to show his affection publicly. … Continue reading Cyril Kinsley

James Kennedy

James is the son of Jesse and John Kennedy. His parents are both three star generals in the Quirni Solar Defense Delegate at the beginning of The Marrilian. He is a captain in the QSDD partnered with Major Elsbeth McAllister. James falls in love with Erica Kinsley when he and Elsbeth escort her north to … Continue reading James Kennedy

Erica Kinsley

Erica Kinsley- She is the Marrilian. She was born Lynn Jillian Kinsley on Sirrus to Samuel and Kate. She is the sibling to Margot, Ethan, Cedric, Saul, Tori and Chase (deceased), and Grace. Samuel takes Erica with him when he travels.  Kate allows him to take her in order to protect the rest of her children … Continue reading Erica Kinsley