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Quirni – It’s Another World

Please note, I own the copy right on all of my stories. They may not be reproduced complete or in part anywhere without my permission including characters, places, or the story itself.

The following summaries will include spoilers.

The Marrilian: Book One

QB1cover2In The Marrilian, Erica Kinsley becomes the newest Kinsley on Quirni. Erica is smart, gifted, but has an unusual past that comes to light when she tries to fit in. To her horror, she finds out that she’s wanted for the death of over 6,000 people because everyone believes she’s Matilda Kinsley, her cousin.

Erica learns to trust Delegate agents and her cousin but that trust comes at a price. Her love is a Delegate agent who must guard her and use her to help Matilda. She was brought to Quirni to help Matilda and that is what he will do at all costs.

The story follows Erica up to the point where the QSDD uses her as a decoy to confuse the population. Their plan fails because they underestimate the hate Quirni feel for Matilda. The people of Quirni would kill them both rather than let Matilda live.

On Fiction Press – Old Version
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Nigh: Book Two

formerly known as Enzus on Fiction Press, is the continuation of the first book. Erica struggles with recovery and a sense of purpose as she continues to live with Matilda. She sees a civil war in the SDD about to start, and the only thing the can do is try to free Matilda from the center of it, and maybe in doing so, help the loyalists take down the faction.

This story follows Erica up to the point when she is named a claimant of Kinsley Claim and James is finally able to tell her how he feels. He proposes to her.

Some new chapters show us James’ points of view and brings out Sal more than she has ever been seen before. It has a lot of new content we hope you’ll love.

On Fiction Press – As Enzus
Now on Amazon Kindle – As Nigh

Claimant Kinsley: Book Three

QB3cover2Erica Kinsley, the new claimant of Kinsley Claim, finally gains access to the Network and realizes her blackmailer’s club is still in operation. Erica already tried to stop them but something went wrong and the Marrilian Delegate agent she contacted is dead. Worse yet, the club is hunting her down on Quirni. If she wasn’t a claimant, she could deal with them. As a claimant, she is not allowed to put herself in danger, and the Delegate is keen to enforce that rule on her through any means necessary.

The only place she can turn is James’ family. To get their help, she has to reveal all of her criminal past. They knew she had a record but they never knew she was the hated criminal called Eljay and worth millions more than anyone on Quirni could guess.

Money buys power on Quirni, so when High Lord Byrne hears rumors of Erica’s wealth, he tries to undercut her. Marril’s political elite are also scared and angry when they discover Erica is Eljay. The ruling elite on both planets want to either convict her of crimes or remove her powers as a claimant so she can cause no more harm. Erica and her allies fight to avoid either.

In Claimant Kinsley, follow Erica as she struggles with the early days of her new office while trying to clean up her past on Marril a world away.

On Fiction Press – As Kinsley Claim and The BMC
Now on Amazon Kindle – As Claimant Kinsley


Eljay’s Promise: Book Four

QB4cover2Erica’s repeated attempts to leave her claimancy failed. Having taken down the previous High Claimant through radical means, she learned she might end up having to take on his duties along with those of her new claimancy. Even though it might put her in danger, Erica intends to fulfill her promise to Jeda and help her.

On top of this, Erica must face her family. To her mortification, they rejected her but if she does the same to them they will be left without money or a home, and desperate. After all, who would associate with a claimant’s family if the claimant won’t? Should she care after the way they treated her?

Demoralized and feeling trapped, Erica fears there is no means to escape Kinsley Claim or the disorder of her own mind. The more power and responsibility placed on her, the louder her other personas get, and the harder it is to control them. Her only hope to keep her sanity is to delegate the workload, but she has no workforce unless she can overcome her feelings for those who rejected her and somehow work with them.

As Eljay, Erica became the richest person on Marril while working outside the law. As Claimant Kinsley, she hopes she can twist the laws to do her bidding and find the means to leave her office. If she leaves, she will be in greater danger as the BMC and Marril both watch and wait to strike her down. She is Eljay the infamous blackmailer and leader of the BMC, a club she betrayed. James prefers his new wife stays in the safety of the claimancy but Erica prefers freedom regardless of the danger that entails.

In Eljay’s Promise continue on the journey with Erica and Matilda as they face interplanetary, internal, and familial struggles on a larger scale than ever before and join her on her wedding day.

On Fiction Press – As The BMC and Bliss
Now on Amazon Kindle – As Eljay’s Promise


Bliss: Book Five

The fifth book is Bliss. Erica might not want to be a High claimant but the job is hers. As Uncle Cyril guides her and Pearl watches her, she develops initiatives and negotiates with Marril and Sirrus to rise Quirni to the power it ought to be. The BMC isn’t happy about that and they are far more capable than Pearl assumes. Before Erica can get home to her claim she falls to her old club but it isn’t blackmail that they use again her. It is ‘Bliss’.

On Fiction Press

Abervan: Book Six

Erica has escaped being a claimant and High Claimant but General Pearl won’t let her escape altogether. Pearl knows Erica can help them fight Commander Mitchell Derek’s plans to take over Ipet and become the dictator of Ipet. Pearl’s schemes fail but her old High Claimant, Silas Kinsley, has plans too and before long Erica’s knowledge is exposed. She agrees to help stop Derek because Matilda asks her to. As she begins her fight against him she is dimly aware that her family and friends aren’t telling her everything but what are they hiding? What does her war against Derek mean for her future? What she learns goes beyond anything she could imagine.

On Fiction Press

Ribbon: Book Seven

In Ribbon the Defense Delegate stops Commander Derek when he tries to escape the system. Derek has accused Erica of illegally joining the system. Darcy fears the Delegate wants to take Erica into custody. Erica has other concerns when she learns Commander Razi is the local Delegate commander. He can’t be trusted. Revealing his past reveals hers as well and everyone finally understands why she is unfit to rule.

On Fiction Press

X81: Book Eight

Erica has become Eljay, the leader of Ipet and the creator of the new Empire in X81. The Griffins arrive on Quirni to join the Empire but after them comes the Auleans and Defense Delegate who want to take Marril and Ipet for the thayanite. It will be war to save the new Empire and other than the Griffins no one will help and even the Griffins might be there so they can sink a knife into Eljay’s back while the Admiralty wait to see what they might bite off for themselves.

On Fiction Press

Ipet: Book Nine

Erica Kinsley has become Eljay Ipet, the Primary Ruler of Ipet. She was raised as a ribbon. Because of that she lacks typical social values. She doesn’t see the world the same, or is it because she is also a Blessed One? Since James has returned with Otho and Tacit, a Blessed One and his keeper from Aulus, Eljay’s family begins to understand her nature. It might explain why she acts so erratic. It might explain why the Empress and Emperor shun her. Vincent Allison, now a one star general in the YDD, is given the task of overseeing her and teaching her about laws and rules. He is her keeper. To his dismay, she will drag him into her world of curses, suspicion, and untold powers before he manages to teach her much of anything.

On Fiction Press

Moonwitch: Book Ten

Eljay must go to Marril with Cyril. The greed and corruption are out of control. Tenpole is in another strike. She knows how to fix the problems and guides Cyril but she has to do something for Matilda and Roger too and that while fighting to breathe. The thayanite nearly killed her when she lived on Marril. She can’t go outside without a filter. She can’t talk in the open air and Manassas is loose on the planet. He would take her as his Blessed one. Vincent is her best defense, her liason to Tenpole, her voice there and a means to keep her safe at home but his past in Chaucer haunts him. He questions his abilities. Guarding against bad choices may be what stops him from helping Eljay enough to win the war with Burnat.

On Fiction Press

The Keeper: Book Eleven

The Divine Lady attacks. Ships disappear. Darcy searches for the woman. Eljay fights to help Tenpole while struggling to avoid Matilda and Roger and their painful presence. Cyril and Ward help Eljay but the Divine Lady closes in for a confrontation. What weapons will Darcy have against her when they can’t see her ships, when she can hide her spies in plain sight, and Eljay isn’t just sick but beginning to question her decisions?

On Fiction Press

Commander Powell

This is the story of what Eljay knows about Commander Powell. It is also the foundation for how The Consortium and Marril ended up in such a state of disarray. It is one of many short stories that will eventually accompany the books.

On Fiction Press


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