Bliss is Published

Bliss is now Available

We have released Bliss for Kindle! The new update includes some new chapters and several major edits which we hope will bring a new flavor and understanding to this difficult part of Erica’s life.

This book is all about exploring the relationships which have been forged. James and Erica struggle to make their marriage successful, which has to be my favorite part of this book, and Erica personally struggles to fit in with her family.

I think my favorite chapter has to be one of the new ones though. With the way we edited it, we finally get to see and understand why James loses his trust with Erica, and our beta reader agrees. He loves the new chapters too.

Also, check out this amazing book cover. It took us forever to create because I actually folded the paper origami flowers myself!

Happy new year, and we hope you enjoy!



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