Rewrite? Alright Already!

We’re editing Bliss, book five of the Quirni series. It’s been a lot of editing and fact checking, and so much more. We’ve added chapters and deleted chapters. We’ve changed chapter beginning and endings around. But this is the first time we have had to do a major rewrite in this book.

When I realized what had to be done, my main reaction was …

Just that ‘…’

Really? Do we really need a rewrite? The problem was, the first four chapters were so boring. We edited them slowly because we were falling asleep. When you fall asleep reading your own work, you had better wake up and realize something is wrong. What, isn’t always clear.

We finally realized it was boring because it was James’ point of view. From his point of view we knew what the tension was, and there was no mystery. Plus, James isn’t necessarily a boring character but, at the beginning of the series, he needs to be pointed and told what to do a lot. If he isn’t on a mission, as an agent or for his love interest, there’s not a lot going on in his head.

Much of those first four chapters were in his head.

OMG James! You can be sooooooo boring!

There was only one way to fix it. Change the POV and that meant rewriting.

When in James’ POV the story unwound as a series of this happened, then that happened, and then this happened, moments. We changed into Erica’s POV and suddenly we realized all the problems she has with Commander Pearl begin right away. Pearl’s attempts to use James against Erica begin at the first meeting Erica has with her and James is oblivious in his accepting yet stupid way.

Because of the rewrite, Bliss is taking a little longer to edit than the other books. The time spent pondering the best POV, what to include, and then letting the characters show us some little jewels that make the story come alive, are worth the effort.

When Bliss hits the Kindle Store, we’re sure you’ll be as happy with it as we are.




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