Stepping Towards an Edge

My opinion in regards to political and newsworthy events should be easy enough for anyone to guess given the plot in Quirni. For readers who haven’t read the books, I lean to the left but that is changing. I no longer lean. Events are converting my lean into steps.

I stayed left of middle for so long because I can usually understand another person’s point of view. I might not agree with it but as long as they stay calm and rational, I’ll listen. It’s analogous to a dog with a bone. They like to bury bones. I understand it is part of their nature but I wouldn’t do it. I don’t even want a bone but the dog does. I’ve been fine with that. Now the dog isn’t content to bury bones but wants to bite. He wants a part of me. The dog needs restraint. The owner has foregone his leash and I have to take a step back.

dog-1296050_1280.pngThe person with the leash lives in the White House but he had tossed it aside for the doggies he deems good. He, however, is a demagogue and doesn’t know the value of a leashed dog.

Demagogue is not to be confused with a demi god.

Demagogue – a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

Such a person incites violence. By definition, they are a rabble-rouser. Our demagogue, the one we must all take responsibility for. He calls people rapists and murderers because of their race, terrorists because of their religion, and thinks anyone who agrees with him is a fine person. At the same time, anyone who disagrees is defamed via tweets and fired.

Never before did a President need to use tweets. Not until now. That is because until now we had not elected a demagogue to the sit in the Oval Office.

A demagogue is a political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires.

Popular desires mean you and me. We are the ‘popular’ and most of us are easily reached via tweets so that is the chosen means this President’s uses to communicate. It allows him to maintain his base of power.

Via Twitter he can tell the population what to think, how to feel, and give all of us a leader to follow that has not had his facts checked, his angry retorts softened, or his choices dulled by wisdom. Twitter works so well for him because a lot of people like to play Follow the Leader.

People who work and live paycheck to paycheck or have little savings, would rather follow the leader than have to go out and demonstrate or attend town councils or even vote after working overtime and trying to decide which bill to pay first. We have enough to do without wondering about new laws and local ordinances. The richer folk have time for that. We’ll watch via Twitter and then react if our ire gets whipped up.

And it’s gotten whipped up. It has because that is the means a demagogue uses to keep popular support.

Will this end in a nightmare? I am hopeful and think it might not.

footprint-2166848_1920.jpgI’m an optimist who once leaned left but I have stepped from that path towards the far left, farther left of middle than I ever thought I might go. I feel pushed that way as I avoid the dogs of war and hate and go to join the dog catchers. I think that right now, with all the rallys gone bad, and groups exposing their intent, the dogs reveal themselves. Men and women are dropping to all fours around me and I never knew them for what they are. I do now and I have my dog catching pole in reach and a leash ready.

I think the insanity will end with a different sort of person filling the jails. I believe this is the reason why a demagogue has been elected. The status quo gave the dogs of hate time to grow up. That time made the dogs bigger, bolder, and vicious. Where once they wouldn’t consider hurting their fellow citizens, now they have killed. Where they were leashed and muzzled, they are loose but people like me are converting. We are stepping aside from our middle ground and joining the ranks on the left, leash in hand, to put the dogs back on their chains.


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