Eljay’s Promise is Available Now

Eljay’s Promise is now Available on Amazon through the Kindle App!

Quirni Book 4 cover

Book 4 of the Quirni series is out for your reading pleasure! Eljay’s Promise has gone through a few name changes. It was originally The BMC, a name you would recognize if you are familiar with the story on Fiction Press.

Eljay’s Promise begins directly after Erica takes down Byrne (which ended Claimant Kinsley) to right before she is going home. Eljay’s Promise puts Erica through her emotional, heart wrenching reunion with her family, and her hopes and disappointments as she tries to get free of her dreaded duties. And she finally gets married to James.

This book was quicker to edit as the original version had fewer typos and plot holes. We wrote in more emotional content to explain Erica’s state of mind better, often in the form of small scene changes or internal dialog. That gives more details about what Erica is feeling and thinking as she goes through troubling, and sometimes overwhelming changes in her family, contends with difficult duties, and as she develops the Farming Initiative, or spars with her other family member over the phone.

For those of you following along in Fiction Press, Eljay’s Promise encompasses the tail end of The BMC  and the first half of Bliss. While editing, we felt Claimant Kinsley ended too soon, before Lord Byrne was removed from office. We wanted to end Claimant Kinsley later so the first half of The BMC was added onto Claimant Kinsley. The second half will become Bliss, as book five.  The BMC is not going to be a Quirni title on Amazon.

The reshuffling of the chapters kept the complexities of Erica’s experiences during her first few weeks in office together. It also starts Bliss with the BMC’s attack, which results in the near destruction of Eljay. That attack and the aftermath has little to do with the Council so the division seemed like a natural one to make.

As we edit and develop our skills, we would love to hear from you. Give us five stars on on Amazon review if you like our work. And please, let other people know about Quirni.

As with all of our Kindle Books, we welcome you to share with your friends, so if you buy a copy and want someone else to read it, feel free to share it through the Kindle program!


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