The Changes Between Nigh and Enzus, Book Two of Quirni

Book Two CoverHere is what you can look forward to in Nigh. Obviously, the second book has a new name. It is no longer called Enzus but has become Nigh. It has new content. We have added 3 new chapters, which will be Kindle exclusives, and we have plugged plot holes, explained or removed some confusing areas, and removed a chapter that didn’t move the story forward. It was just one of those darlings that had to be killed.

Fiction Press may see some new updates later but not of the entire story . The new chapters will only appear on Kindle. They are from James’ point of view during the time when Erica is gone, and Sal is out. In Enzus he has the idea to use Sal to capture the faction leaders. In Nigh you see him get the idea and put it into action.

Sal becomes an overt character in the new chapters as well. We finally meet her for more than just a snippet. The new chapters also let readers meet John and Jessie Kennedy at home, trying to talk sense into James about Erica, and we get to see the puppies as Erica begins to train them. At the same time, she trains James to accept them, not that he realizes it.

The cut chapter will be preserved on Fiction Press in Enzus making Enzus and Nigh two unique reads so the name will remained unchanged on Fiction Press at the present. This editing also changed where chapters begin and end. The second book has jumped up from 17 chapters to 23, three of which are new chapters, others put together or divided as needed.

Right now Quirni: Nigh is in the last stages of editing before publication on Kindle. It’s a new book, with new chapters, new content, and new writing. If you like it, please tell us. If you find an error. Please tell us! Contact us through Fiction Press or this blog and we’ll correct or clarify anything you want. You are our readers. What you want matters and we want to give you the best story possible.

I’d like to give a big shout out to those of you who bought The Marrilian on Kindle. Thank you so much for your feedback and patronage. We’ll do our best to keep these rolling out until we’ve got all 12 polished and published. And no, that’s not a typo. There will be a new addition to this series, but it won’t be a sequel!


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