The Past of Quirni: The Marrilian

With the second of the Quirni series almost ready to publish on Kindle with Quirni: The Marrilian, to be released sometime in fall or early winter, I would like to share what this story used to look like.

Quirni was originally written just for pleasure, and the first book was the first three novels. That first massive book was over 300 thousand words and wove a tale about deception, love, loss, and friendship. It is still posted by Elldee on Fiction Press in three books; The Marrilian, Enzus, and Kinsley Claim.

The original 300,000 word book was first broken up when the stories were briefly self-published on Lulu. We discovered a 300,000 word story wasn’t easily bound. That created the need to downsize. Writing was added at the beginning and end of the novels to better assist new readers entering the stories .

It was difficult to determine where to split the books because so much needed to be said every time a new book started. If readers were introduced to Enzus before knowing Erica had dissociation identity disorder, it was going to be jarring and confusing. Also, endings were abrupt and chapters had to be added that brought the plot and sub-plots to reasonable resting places.

As writers, neither of us cares for cliff-hangers but prefer teasers. We added foreshadowing  and, in James’ case, came right out and declared feelings only hinted at. In the end, after long discussions, and many debates, we split the first book into The Marrilian, and Kinsley Claim.

Today, the books are getting editing again so we can put them for sale. After Fiction Press, The Marrilian was divided into The Marrilian and Enzus when it was published on Fiction Press. As we do our final round of editing, we will be posting new information about Quirni, so stay tuned.If you want to know something in particular, ask. We would love to hear from you.



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